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B&B AR-dennen

Anita Kwekkeboom-Zonneveld

Rue du Vivier 44

4950 Waimes, Belgie



+32 (0)80-448420

+32 (0)474-192011



CBC: BE09 7320 2630 3440 6557

TVA: 0565.916.905

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You'll have a very pleasant stay in B&B AR-dennen

Sometimes it is nice to escape the daily routine; and take time off to enjoy in or alone, a quiet moment, a reserve life in nature. Affordable or luxueus, activity or relaxation, nature or the city. With us you will find all the possibilities.


Sleep well, have a delicious breakfast, do as you want without constraints, all in a natural setting full of possibilities. Everything is possible at B & B AR-dennen!


Explore our site and discover what B & B Ardennes has to offer and enjoy the anticipation and the prospect to stay at B&B AR-dennen!