B&B AR-dennen

Anita Kwekkeboom-Zonneveld

Rue du Vivier 44

4950 Waimes, Belgie

+32 (0)80-448420

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CBC: BE09 7320 2630 3440 6557

TVA: 0565.916.905

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What you will find in the local area around

B&B AR-dennen...

ThereThere is a diverse range of things to do in and around the village of Waimes.


If you are into cycling or walking, you will be amazed. With glorious nature (think rushing streams, vast forests and meadows) you will feel like you have arrived at your cycling and hiking paradise. Peace, space and fresh air galore.


500 meters from the B&B AR-dennen house is ‘the Ravel’ (also known as ‘Vennbahn’), a special walking and cycling route that was created on the old railway line. The incline of this path is up to 3%, making it accessible to practically everybody. Besides the Ravel, there are many other marked hiking and bicycle routes possible, including special mountain bike trails.

Walking and cycling maps are available and electric bikes are available for rent in the neighbourhood.


Golf is a very popular sport in the Ardennes and the beautiful and famous 18-hole course of Spa (17 km) is nearby, as well as the golf course at Henri Chapelle.


The impressive Reinhardstein castle is located in a neighbouring village and is highly recommended


In winter there is a lot of cross-country skiing in the area and some modest ski-slopes are also nearby (weather permitting of course).


The charming town of Malmedy is located 7 km away and can be reached by bike or on foot through the Ravel. Malmedy has nice delis and cafés.


In summer events are organised every weekend (activities such as open-air live music, and all kinds of markets .


In the winter there is the Christmas market and ice-skating. Carnival is celebrated with elaborate parades and beautiful costumes.


Flea markets (called brocantes) are found throughout the summer in the area.


A bit further out, Maastricht (70 km), Aachen (60 km)and Luxembourg (90 km) are all easily accessible by car if you really want to indulge in a shopping spree.

The Spa-Francorchamps circuit, known for the famous Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix, is only 17 kilometres away. On the calendar of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit are also many other exciting events.


The town of Spa is known for its first casino in Europe and there you can also find many spas and wellness centres.


The caves of Remouchamps are definitely worth a visit, as are the waterfalls of Coo.


For children there is Plopsa country, a fun amusement park.


As you can see, the possibilities are endless.....